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Q: How do I place an order?

A: Before you place an order, please make sure you have received a quote from us. Once you receive the quote and you are satified with the price you may send us an email with the following information:
1.) Billing and shipping address
2.) Cap style
3.) Cap color
4.) Price quoted
5.) Date required by
6.) Any other special instructions


Q: How long before I receive my cap order?

A: We confirmed that the sample time will be 5-7 wordays.Upon you confirmed the pictures of samples,we will send you the samples by EMS,UPS(unform way,you can fixed).Most of the caps we embroider domestically will ship in about 7-10 working days.

Mass production will cost more time,it is dependment on the quantity you have.Before you placed the order,the delivery date wil have confirmed fistly. A faster production time may be possible but please contact us to confirm.

Q: How do me design my own caps?

A:Our website provide this design system for you,you can click"Embroidery Quote","Custom Caps" on the home page-first page of our website,and then choose the style you like.

Or you click any pictures of caps you have,you will find left button"Get Me A Embroidery quote".Click one pictures which noted the price,the button"Quote Me" or "Design Customs caps online",you will quote your unique quote by them.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping is based on the quantity of caps ordered and where it is shipping to. A rough example would be about $200 for 144 caps shipping from Qingdao to NY.

Q: What areas of the cap can be embroidered?

A: Most of caps can be embroidered on the front, sides,peak or back.  You will find many caps will have embroidery connect chips,yes,give me your design,I will give you a perfect caps.You can visit our Hat Gallery and check the design we have.

Q: What is the largest embroidery size possible for the front of a cap?

A: Largest embroidery size is 4.5" wide x 2.5" tall for the front.

Q: What type of artwork do you require in order to embroider?

A: We prefer vector artwork in eps, ai or pdf format but we can also artwork in jpg" />
Q: Can you create artwork for me?

A: Of course...and it is free too!

Q: What is the minimum order for caps?

A: Most of our caps have a minimum of 500 pcs. We do have several (300 adjustable series) that have a minimum of 48. Minimum for import caps is 144.

Q: Can I mix and match colors and styles within the minimum quantity?
A: You can mix colors (usually at least 50 per color is required) but the styles cannot be mixed unless under certain circumstances. Embroidery colors must stay the same on all of the cap colors or an additional fee will be required to switch the thread colors.

Q: Where are your caps manufactured?
A: The caps we embroidered and manufactured in China. Our fully customized import caps are made in Europe.,The United States. Australia...

Q: Can you send me a sample cap?
A: We can send a blank sample of most of our caps for free. Flexfit or Nufit cap samples may require additional costs. Samples with your embroidery will require the setup fee upfront plus a $6.00 sample charge and shipping.

Q: What is the best way to contact you?
A: Email is, by far, the best way of contacting us.

Q: Will I be able to see a picture of a finished cap before production for approval?
A: Yes, for every cap order we make we will always send a photo of a finished cap for approval before they are all made.

Q: How long do reorders take and do I have to pay the digitizing fee again?
A: Reorders take about 3-5 working days as long as no changes are required. The setup is not charged on reorders as long as no changes are required.